How do Staying Home Moms spend their Weekdays?

When I got married, we moved to a different country with a new language, and I had to stay home. Eventually, I had two exceptional children and the privilege of calling myself a staying home mom.

Staying home moms spend their weekdays primarily caring for their family’s basic needs. They plan, shop, cook, clean, babysit, educate, entertain, chaperone, sacrifice, deliver services, investigate, get creative, and keep the peace and security. Sometimes even ignoring their own needs.

Some women prepare food for reserve; others love gardening, socializing, sports, and volunteering. In comparison, some are interested in personal development.

Fun or boring?

when you aree aren’t too many chores, only preparing food, dusting, and some touches of tidying. Keeping everything clean will be enough to have a clean house. During weekdays, there’s plenty of time to play online games or binge-watch “Friends .”Weekends are perfect for going out with friends with no worries and responsibilities.
As your family grows, you miss the days of a bit of retouching on the go, cooking twice a week, and living like a rock star, the days when you knew where your hairbrush was.
Now, supposing you had a good night’s sleep in that case, you’d be lucky to wake up energized. It’s time to prepare everyone’s lunchboxes, clothes, and uniforms and have them ready to go to school on time.

Next, you must look for and pair socks and ensure they have clean underwear the next day. Then you have to tidy up the house, cook, clean, and run errands.
It’s already time to pick them up from school. You have to finish your lunch fast and wash the dishes before you help them with their homework because you prefer to complete them during the weekdays and have time for fun on the weekends.

New Lifestyle

Now you have changed your lifestyle, your circle of friends, your hobbies, vacations your schedules. There has been a huge invasion of your privacy, parenthood has taken over. No more fun during weekdays like partying and drinking not even during weekends. Even when you go shopping, you will enjoy buying for your kids rather than for yourself.

As soon as you become a mom, you forget sleeping, because he will not wake up, he has sound resistance, besides, he has to work the next day. During the day you try to sleep while they are sleeping because you have to take care of them when they wake up. When they sleep it’s time to clean, and cook, you might not get another chance, but forget about being in the shower because you never know you might have to get out in the middle of it to a crying baby, just leave it until your partner is home.

Watching your favorite movies and listening to your music? is something from the past, it’s all child-proof, for now, even in your car, you will pick up the theme song from a show and sing about ducks and your child’s favorite family-friendly dinosaur.

But don’t worry you will pass them your taste as soon as they are in school, but you will need to update your list because they will be mostly outdated.

Planning and organizing a productive week

There is more to life than chores. Unless you have a plan, you’ll end up in a circle of life passing by so fast that you will suddenly find yourself all grown with no accomplishments or legacy.

Have you noticed that when you try to do many things at once, you end up doing nothing at all? Or if you are lucky enough to finish most of the tasks, you end up being exhausted and overwhelmed and go back to procrastination?

I decided to take my power back from destiny. Many failed attempts were enough motive to improve and all I had to do was get organized. Specially with the online world, i knew i could still be productive. Internet provided all necessary wake up call, motivation and means of education and execution.

After 8 years of online experience, today I can say that I have found a plan, suitable for my life that i use to organize my time and be productive simultaneously. And i would love to share with everyone who needs some push towards a better future. Just send me an email to [email protected]